Ivoria - The Guild of the Lawless

Beginnings - The Next Step

Though the mysterious gentleman who gathered you together did not supply a name, what you know of his resources leads you to believe some research might reveal more information about his identity.

Your benefactor has indicated that there are a several reasonable places to begin in order to secure alliances and eliminate competition for the Guild. You might consider:

  • The Hightide Halflings control everything that moves into or out of the Balara docks. It’s unlikely that the Hightides will just follow along with plans from someone outside their clan, and their natural power over water makes the idea of supplanting their control very difficult. Perhaps there is a leader within the Hightide clan that could use your assistance to fulfill their ambitions, or maybe you could find a way to leave the present clan leader in your debt.
  • The North Ridge Ruffians and the South City Toughs are the largest groups of ne’er-do-wells in Balara right now. The Knights have yet to deal with them in earnest because their general lack of organization leaves them in no position to make a real splash. Their muscle and knowledge of the streets will be invaluable, but it might be difficult to convince the two groups to work together.
  • There is a local drug, called Brightleaf, that the Knights have begun cracking down on (in the slums, at least). Its origins are mysterious, but it’s clear that whoever controls its supply has access to a significant profit. The Ruffians like the profits it brings in for their intermediary dealers, the Toughs dislike its impact on what they still consider “their” turf, and the Hightides hate that this kind of money is moving in and out of the city without their say-so. Regardless, if the Guild is to succeed, it’s going to need to control the flow of Brightleaf, one way or another.
  • The Richelieu Society, a terrorist organization dedicated to the abolition of order at any cost, has its eyes set on the rebuilding international authority seated in Balara. While their goal may somewhat benefit the Guild’s, their ideals do not align with the idea of an organization for the defense of the lawless. In the long run, the Richelieu will undermine the Guild’s ultimate objective, so they will need to be dealt with sooner or later.


Porthos: The Halftide Halflings aren’t going to be swayed or cowed easily, so it would be best to work against one of the last three. I’m all for muscling our way into the brightleaf turf, as that will give us either resources or leverage.

Beginnings - The Next Step
Vito Vito

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