Ivoria - The Guild of the Lawless


I arrived in Balara a week ahead of time, fully planning to take advantage of not being expected to do any work for that time. The first thing I do is ferret out my old contacts in the city and get caught up on local events they might not have bothered trying to let me know about while I wasn’t in the city.

Hearing about a fairly decent inn having troubles with the local ruffians I headed there way and offered to bounce in exchange for room and board. Food and fights for free, seemed like a great deal.

A few days after my arrival, after going to meet one of my contacts for some news, he told me that someone was looking for me. They wanted me to meet them at the Dark Horse the next day.

I was finally getting into the midst of something interesting! I visited the Dark Horse and began to assess the layout in case this party was less then pleased with me. I rarely made enemies but it did happen on occasion. Some folks were less then pleased with some of the gentle nudges I gave to events that were bound to happen sooner or later anyway. A few even had the gall to blame me for their occurrence! As if disrupting their boring lives was a hindrance rather than a favor.

Satisfied with my preparations I head back to put in my nights work and get some rest for the exciting day ahead.

I arrive at the dark horse the next day and am recognized by an older gentleman immediately. I had hoped to be the first to arrive but it seems that I’ve been foiled in that. I first order myself a drink and make small talk with some of the other patrons moving towards my mysterious new contact.

Eventually four others join us at the table, a dragonborn, a halfling, a human, and a tiefling. A motley group for sure. The first three looked prepared for a fight but the tiefling was different. Something seemed off about her but I couldn’t quite place it. Our common contact further cemented this by mentioning that he knew many things that other people didn’t. I felt she would be very interesting, but I would have to be careful until I learned more about her. The human bought us a round and was already incensed to topple the knights of DeCard. I Introduced myself to him and he gave me the name Mikhail.

Basically are new contact was distressed with the current order of things. He brought us together to try and foment a shift in power around Belara. Intrigue almost always leads to interesting events so I was sold at this point. Some of the others spouted off about the other groups being full of followers ignoring the fact that we were following this man we barely knew. Well I’d follow him too, as long as he kept leading to interesting opportunities and places.

He mentioned a few goals and we started to discuss what to do first. He mentioned dabbling in the political intrigue of the area, gaining control of the docks, uniting the gangs, and routing an anarchist cult. There may have been a few others but at this point I was already mulling the previous options in my head. It seems this cult isn’t liked by any of the other groups on any side of the spectrum here in Belara, and routing them may help boot-strap diplomacy with the other groups. I decided to suggest this when…


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nevermind it was just stretched out and hidden on the black background. Poor formatting obsidian portal!

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Hey. There was a boom boom boom, and then we stopped. Porthos likes to think positive.

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