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How I Made It Happen: The Porthos Saga

boats gambling brightleaf

This has been a good week. Before this gig, I was doing a good job at causing trouble. I wasn’t doing enough, though. I’ll admit, knocking over fruit stands is really great and all. Especially when the cart owner stares in disbelief as his melons roll down the market. But since I got this job, I’ve had direction.

I’ve decided that maybe this career in the organization might be the best place to work out me revenge and prepare to settle down for a life afterwards. So far, I’ve framed some poor sap as a serial killer (A favorite life goal of mine that hadn’t worked until now!), we’ve met a chemist who is figuring out the process for making brightleaf (might be our ticket to money and influence), hob-gob-nobbed with the nobles, and gambled away our pay. What more could a good pirate want besides some drink and a good night on the town?

As it stands, it looks like we’re going to be heading into the jungle. After a successful night of conning, me counterparts on the outside tracked a servant to the nobles’ source of brightleaf. With me source on the other end of the metaphorical food chain, we know enough to get us into a bit of trouble with whoever distributes the stuff. Our next step seems to be a dangerous step into the jungles. At this point, it is time for us to move forwards to adventure! Plus, i really want to beat something up. If I don’t get angry soon, I might get depressed.


P.S.~ All names haven’t been changed just to piss them off if they ever read this ever incriminating document. Shouldn’t have done something bad if you don’t want dirt on ya, that’s what me pa used to say to me ma before she hit him for cheating on her again.


Vito SamuelMartin

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