Mikhail Tupelov


Much is expected of the sons of Heinara. Even more is expected of those sons from the capitol, Ozygrad. One such son is Mikhail Tupelov. As one of the noble sons of the capitol, he received early training in combat and military tactics from the best tactical and martial minds Heinara had to offer. Mikhail proved to be an intelligent and skilled student, but no man is without his flaws, and Mikhail’s was the drink. Many a night in the Tupelov manor saw Mikhail residing in the wine cellars, or didn’t see him at all, as there are no pubs in Tupelov manor.

Eventually, Mikhail’s predilection for the drink became common knowledge in the capitol, and he became an embarrassment to the Tupelov family. As soon as he was old enough, Mikhail’s father took the opportunity to volunteer him for Heinara’s contribution to the war. The tactical skill he demonstrated soon earned him a position in command, alongside one of his childhood friends, Victor Heinrich. Mikhail left the war after a short time, but not until he made an enemy out of one Tomas Robespierre who, after Mikhail left, would cultivate and display the military skills that would earn him his status as the famed Ace of Spades.

Mikhail made his way to Carlisia, and joined the Knights of DeCard as an initiate. After the tragedy at Carlisia, he was joined in the Knights by both Heinrich and Robespierre. Both men rose quickly in the ranks, catching up to Mikhail, and in no time all three men were vying for the same promotion. Both Mikhail and Heinrich were ultimately passed over in favor of Robespierre. Mikhail didn’t quite take the disappointment as gracefully as Heinrich did, and was found drunk on duty the next day by both Heinrich and Robespierre.

While Heinrich was perfectly willing to gloss over the whole affair for his friend, Robespierre was less forgiving, and reported Mikhail to his superiors, which led to Mikhail’s summary dismissal from the Knights. Following his dismissal, Mikhail was unable to find a place in society, and has spent the intervening years living as a deadbeat in Balara. His resentment for Robespierre has only grown in that time, and he looks forward to the day he can find a way to unseat the Ace of Spades.

Mikhail Tupelov

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