A pint sized ball of spite who used to know how to hit peoples buttons when he needed to. Then he jumped into a well of light and died.


Like most halflings in Ivoria, Porthos was born to the Sea on his clan’s ship, the Golden Sea Kruthic. His home was where mother ocean pulled his family. Not the most honest of professions, his clan decided to take port at Balara to fence some wares from a “shipwreck” they found. Much to the surprise of the clan, little was done by the Halftide Halflings when a garrison of the guard working in unison with the Knights of DeCard attacked and killed all the crew of the mighty Kruthic. Both to the good and ill fortune of Porthos, he is the last surviving member of his clan.

After some investigating he found out what happened. While he was sent out to deliver an urgent message to the sword-smith guild master about some mithril ore. His clan continued to unload and document their wares with the Halftide Halflings. The Halftide Halflings are usually rather uncaring about what goes in and out of their docks. People want to bring in things, and people want to buy things. However, some items aren’t to be dismissed. The cargo the Golden Sea Kruthic gathered from the other ship was marked goods. They were marked with the seal of the Richelieu Society. “Cardinal” Rene Richelieau, named in the highest order of infamy by the Knights of DeCard for his acts against the people and raising a cult of followers to fight his battle with the nobles. The Halftide Halflings were faced with the choice of turning in the crew of the ship and the cargo for a very substantial reward or the potential of the entire force of the knights systematically taking on the docks. The second option proved entirely manageable, but highly unprofitable. Porthos is ready to take on the Knights, ready to face the nobles who gave Richelieu a reason to fight, is kind of miffed at the halflings for not doing more to help.

Porthos, determined to get revenge has remembered all the important lessons. Never waste an emotion, never forget the clan, and never be punished for a crime you didn’t commit. It’s time for Porthos to get to work, for Porthos has 40 death penalties to earn.

Porthos went to the jungle with his peers. He died a horrible death because a tweaked out junkie doesn’t like halflings. The racist.


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