Female Tiefling


After the Eladrin destroyed Calrisia, when the world crushed Donfa in force, and Eladrin about to return to the Growing discovered a baby Tiefling girl, crying and alone. It seemed apparent that her parents had been killed. He took her with him, and adopted her as his own, giving her the name Deneth. Despite being raised by the Eladrin in the Growing, Deneths’s natural bond with darkness persisted, and was woefully malnourished in the bounty of life that is the Growing. It nagged at pulled at her as she grew up. In time, she learned of the mortal world from her Eladrin society, and of the Withering. When Deneth came of age, she left the Growing, and returned to the mortal world. To avoid the hatred of the angry and the ignorant, she gave herself the less conspicuous sounding name Skotanna. —In that time she explored as she could, learning of the balance of the world, and the struggles of the people that dwell in it, yet it was all foreign to her. It was not long that she spent traveling the lands, before she found an opportunity to enter the Withering. This was it! This was what had been nagging at her, what she had been deprived of her entire life. Of course, she had to go. To see. To experience this part of her that she had never experienced before.

In the Withering, Skotanna quickly became lost. She wandered for days, only to find herself without any sort of rations. Only then was she overwhelmed by the forces of that dark realm. She has no recollection of what happened at that point, but the next thing she knew, she awoke on a damp stone floor, naked and hungry. Really hungry. No sooner than she arose, a rat scurried past her. Entire reflexively, and faster than she even knew she was capable of, she snatched the rat from the ground. Instinctively, she found herself snapping its neck and gnawing at its remains. Terrified, especially of herself and her gruesome and involuntary actions, she panicked and ran. Just ran. And covered herself in cuts and bruises and grime in the pitch darkness that was the seemingly endless cave system she was in. For some weeks, she stalked those caves, subsisting off the rats that inhabited it, completely cut off from natural light or civilization.

One day, however, there was a light. Just a small pinprick of light coming from somewhere in those labyrinthine tunnels. Skotanna followed it, and found herself back in the cavern that she had awoken in. Except this time there was a man standing in it holding a torch. Before she even knew what was happening, the man was dead, and she was drinking his blood. At this point, it was all to painfully clear to her for the first time, above the hunger, the confusion, terror, and solitude, that she was a Vampire. In this brief moment of clarity, she adorned the fresh corpse’s robes, and followed his footsteps backwards. After what seemed like an eternity, she emerged from the cavern, in the middle of the night, onto a rickety bridge running along the side of a sheer cliff, overlooking The City that Spans.

In the months that followed, Skotanna learned many things as a new inhabitant of Balara. She learned a thing or two about overcoming her urges, though the hunger was still unbearable. And she learned how to feed that hunger, how to stalk the lowlifes and thugs that no one would miss. And how to navigate the city at night. And how to move during the day, as painful as it was. The criminal underworld of Balara became her new home.

The very notion that she had become a vampire, a near mindless creature, half driven by instinct, incapable of natural death, is completely vile to Skotanna. It defies everything she knows to be right. Everything she knows to be balanced. She abhors herself and her violent instincts. Her seeming immortality itself is an affront to the balance of life and death, two sides of the same coin, both of which with whom she is intimately familiar. While she seeks to control herself as best she can, and harness the shadowy powers that she now possesses, she knows that she is an abomination, and should die. Yet, her instincts prevent her from bringing around her own death. She doesn’t know exactly what she hopes to gain from the ranks of undesirables in the The City That Spans. Perhaps magics that will help her to suppress her urges. Perhaps a cure to her vile curse. Perhaps death. Perhaps a way back into the Withering to confront her creator. Perhaps just a steady food source. But no matter what, she knows she has no place in higher society, and she needs the denizens of Balara’s underbelly.


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