Balara, the City that Spans

Balara, the City That Spans, was once the capital of the Darkwater Coalition, aggressors in a war that spread across Ivoria and lasted for centuries. Now, the powers that be are fashioning Balara into a free city, a place for artists, merchants, and refugees to call home. Along with emigrants come agents of Ivoria’s highest authorities in need of a new seat of power. Trade is on the rise in Balara, and the city’s infrastructure strains to support the sudden influx of so many new faces and races. It’s a times like these where an enterprising group of adventurers might leave their mark.

Balara is a large city, split horizontally by the Yumin Canyon. A complex network of bridges, ropeways, ziplines, and catwalks connect the two sides of the canyon, and in its center stands a massive plateau, the Steelship Isle (named for the impossible durability of its base rocks and its prow-like silhouette), the center of the city’s wealth. The rest of Balara grew around this central island, along and even into the walls of the canyon. Now, the city is a flourishing port where every race in Ivoria can be found, although humans still make up a clear majority.

Before the Hightide Halflings established the Spout Lift system, the Donfa used teams of pack animals and pulleys to transport large cargo from the river at the base of the canyon. Now, “spouters” use enchanted items to amplify their powers in a very small area, creating lifts of water.

The cliffs of Yumin Canyon are honeycombed with caves, both natural and constructed. There are caves that open onto the surface, and some that seem to descend endlessly. These bottom-less pits are sometimes called “Chambers of Passage,” as they are used in the last rites of the worshipers of Tief.

The Knights of DeCard, long allies of the High Court of Carlisia, have been brought in to bring order to the streets of Balara. Their leader, Tomas Robespierre, the world famous Ace of Spades, is taking personal stake in ensuring that the Steelship Isle is kept safe from all threats – internal and external. He, and the Knights in residence, are acting as enforcement and inspiration to the local constableship, and their net is closing around anyone they deem “undesirable.”



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