Power Sources

Martial experts of all sorts remain from the war. Generals developed methods to lead their men in battle that seem to verge on the supernatural, and advanced combat techniques were developed to help defend more common combatants from the overwhelming power of Avanteran enemies. Today, dojos and schools teach disciplines developed during the Last War (and some far more ancient), and even human nobles and Chosen warriors seek out martial training as a means of bettering and defending themselves.

Arcane power in Ivoria is passed genetically, and is tightly controlled and monitored among humans. In the Chosen Races, it is entirely normal, but popular rumor holds that the power of magic is ‘thin’ in non-human races. Expect to draw major attention after casting an arcane spell, because a vast majority of living human spellcasters are known by the general populace, at least by reputation. Natural Human arcane spellcasters, known as the Avantera, can readily prove their lineage back for generations. Rumors in dark corners persist that there are those that have found other methods of harnessing arcane power even rivaling the Avantera, but anyone with that much power would be considered suspect even among the most cut-throat villains.

Divine power is an individual gift from the Ivori, and they demand genuine devotion in their followers. Gods rarely choose representatives whose personalities do not mesh well with their own, but most churches appreciate the tithe they pull in from a successful adventurer. Granted a glimpse of the power of Creation, divine spellcasters adhere strictly to the will of their patron, or they find themselves powerless and vulnerable. They are not immune to suspicion from the upper class, however – a cleric or paladin found abusing their power, or those that are simply considered too ambitious, may find themselves on the wrong side of Avanteran Inquisitors.

The existence of primal magic is largely unknown outside of Eladrin culture. Even among those few non-Eladrin aware of primal magic, it is denigrated as a method of unnatural possession. The Eladrin have no particular compulsion against instructing others in their ways, but rare is the mortal able to find them, let alone earn their respect. Those that do often have a strong motivation or benevolent spirit – there are quicker, easier, and more dangerous paths to power than the enigmatic Eladrin teachings.

Psionic power is unknown to Ivoria.

It would be easy to believe that the power of shadow would be the mark of Tief – another bid for power by the Darklings and their hidden rituals. In truth, mortals that draw on the shadows for their strength serve a much darker, more malevolent master. There is a world (known to few but the Eladrin, to whom it is a sinister reality better left separate from the mortal races) called The Withering, which teems with death just as The Growing lives and breathes. It is the essence of this place from which shadow crafters draw their power, not the solemn God of Darkness. May all the Gods protect those who dare to mingle with the Lord of that bleak realm.

Power Sources

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